Gluten and wheat free products

A variety of gluten free products , wheat free products are available. We are a company that manufacture each and every single raw material for product inside. As a result , there is no chance of any mixing or contamination.

We have variety of bakery, cookies, cakes and snacks that all are gluten and wheat free.

  • Festival Special

    Festival Special (1)

    Festival combo

    Festive special gluten free products are available for celiac patients to enjoy in festive season. All sweets and gift items are made as per need so that these patients don not feel deprived of anything.
  • On Order

    On Order (5)

    These products are available on order. Place your order on phone or via facebook page .
  • Papad

    Papad (2)

    gluten free papad

    Very tasty dal and rice - gluten free papad. gluten free papad- two types of papad- dal and rice papad are available. A pack of 10-15 papad are avialable. Its easy to make. need not to fry.
  • Sugar Free Glutenfree Products

    Sugar Free Glutenfree Products (5)

    All the bakery is sugar free.
  • Upcoming Attractions

    Upcoming Attractions (7)


    FLOUR (5)

    Gluten free flour

    Our gluten free flour is free from any gums and artificial preservatives. Our wheat free flour is easy to knead and make soft dough for chapati, poori etc.
  • Flour Mix

    Flour Mix (6)

    Flour Mixes

    gluten free flour mix includes puri mix, bhatura mix, bread mix, cake mix., etc. All these are available at APF products. You can easily make bread , cakes etc. using these mixes. follow our channel for more recipes and updates....  

    COOKIES (25)

    gluten free cookies

    Celiac patients can enjoy a variety of (around 30) different cookies. there are chocolate cookies, rusk, coconut , mango, elaichi gluten free cookies available. we readily work for more variety to add on to the list. In the month of December 2017, we launched three new varieties under this category.  

    BAKERY (18)

    We manufacture bread, patties, kulcha, pizza , burger under gluten free bakery products. All are available both ready to eat and base to make of own choice. Bakery available both with and without eggs.

    SNACKS (12)

    Gluten free snacks

    Kids will now enjoy wheat free and gluten free snacks like burger , patty etc . We beleive that why these kids and people cannot enjoy such snacks. They can enjoy golgappas, pastries, pizzas etc. now. For updates , follow our channel


    Eggless bakery

    All the bakery which is available with us , is also available eggless. Breads, burger buns, etc all are available under eggless bakery.

    SWEETS (6)

    Gluten free sweets

    We manufacture a variety of gluten free sweets throughout the year. Gulab jamun, barfi, rasgullas, etc . are our specialty.   Follow our channel for latest updates and recipes:

    CAKES (11)

  • Pastries

    Pastries (4)


    gluten free pastries - Creamy pastries are available in all fruity flavors. Mango, Pista, Chocolate, vanilla, strawberry , etc. all pastries are available.