What can be consumed ?

Some unnoticeable products which are used daily such as toothpaste, chocolates, choclate drinks,soup, ketchups,soy sauce, baking powder, canned fruit having hidden gluten but we don’t care about HIDDEN GLUTEN.

So we have to clearly go through all the ingredients of the product and consume only gluten free.
Nowadays, most of the companies are mentioning GLUTEN WARNING .


Can Consume Can Not Consume
CEREALS Rice/Pulav/maize,bajra roti, jowar roti, Gram Flour(Besan),Singhara atta Wheat, Barley,Maida, Sooji, Noodles,Pasta
BAKERY FOOD Home prepared Biscuits,Cake (replace wheat flour with rice or corn Flour Bread,Burger,Hot Dog, Cookies,Pie,Pastry
SWEET & CONFECTIONERY Sugar candy, Ice cream candy, home prepared sweets, Ice cream home prepared Chocolates, Mithai, toffees, Ice cream mixes
BEVERAGES tea , coffee, fruit juices, home prepared clear soup, milk, butter milk Health drinks(bournvita, horlicks etc.),canned soup, soup mix,most stew, flavoured coffee, barley water
OTHER PROCESSED FOOD cottage cheese, home prepared sauces Mozzeralla cheese,corn flakes, puree, white vinegar,baking powder